Building brands through creative partnership

We’re a branding agency that inspires confidence in creative collaboration by breaking down the traditional barriers in the traditional client-agency relationship.

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We’re a team of strategic and creative problem solvers

With an in-house team of planners, creatives, designers, developers and marketing consultants we work with you to define and solve any brief from the ground up.

What we do

Over 35 years of branding experience – from start-ups to global companies

Through many rewarding client relationships we’ve tackled new brands, rebrands and everything in between – and always with the audience and real-world goals at the centre of the thought process.

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What we do

  • Brand strategy and positioning

    We’re here to help you establish and define your brand story on your terms. Your brand should reflect who you are and reflect the ambition you have as a business. Working together, we define the human-like characteristics that set out how your brand communicates and the role it plays. By digging deeper, we’re able to build a platform for you to tell your audience that story.

  • Creative brand development

    We build the best you, starting with the needs of your brand. By curating your brand persona, and developing how you look and behave to the outside world, we can strengthen emotional connections with your customers to deliver real, tangible results.

  • Brand activation

    We deliver your brand to market and create engaging experiences no matter the audience or channel. Working across print, digital, motion and social we showcase who you are to the people who matter.


The Reality of a Cashless Society

Over half of all transactions today in the UK were made using this ‘touch and go’ technology!

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Brand Spark by Teviot: branding package for startups and SMEs

Brand Spark – a branding package created for startups and small businesses looking to disrupt the market with their own story.

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Dribble is here!

We have been working closely with the team at Dribble to deliver an app that helps parents find places and things todo locally by providing in-depth information, as well as trusted reviews on hundreds of child friendly places to visit in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

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Iceland Advert – Social Justice or Marketing Genius?

I’m sure you’re all wildy aware of the uproar at the moment regarding Iceland’s banned Christmas advert promoting a #NoPalmOilChristmas. Targetted social media tactic or accidental marketing genius?

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Five Takeaways from Startup Summit 2018

We had our first experience of the FutureX Startup Summit in Edinburgh this year, and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

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How to brand your startup

Branding is one of the most important ways to equip your startup for success. It creates personality, builds trust, adds value, inspires your team and attracts customers. Here’s how…

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