We’re a brand and marketing agency with over 35 years of experience

In a world of similarity, creativity is about being different, getting noticed and inspiring people to think, feel and behave a certain way.

At Teviot, we’re about embracing creativity confidently, as one team. We believe in absolute collaboration, seeing ourselves as partners, not simply suppliers. In breaking down the barriers between client and agency, we work with you to build your business into your authentic brand.

We’re multi-disciplined, matching the right team to your project to produce engaging design for any channel. Complemented by a network of creative specialists and using a toolbox of techniques designed to get everyone’s hands dirty, we start with the needs of your brand and create the visual and verbal language to match. Transparently and together, delivering real results.

With over 35 years of  experience, we’ve witnessed the changes in branding and marketing over three decades – the rise of new channels and challenges. We’ve adapted, kept the pace and remained unwavering in invention and reinvention. Defining and redefining brands, we work in creative partnership with startups and global household names alike.

Our job is to help and support you. That’s our brand. We’d love to work with you to define yours.

Brand strategy and positioning

We’re here to help you establish and define your brand story on your terms. Your brand should reflect who you are and reflect the ambition you have as a business. Working together, we define the human-like characteristics that set out how your brand communicates and the role it plays. By digging deeper, we’re able to build a platform for you to tell your audience that story.

  • Research
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Audits
  • Visibility Strategy
  • Content Strategy

Creative brand development

We build the best you, starting with the needs of your brand. By curating your brand persona, and developing how you look and behave to the outside world, we can strengthen emotional connections with your customers to deliver real, tangible results.

  • Content Creation
  • Brand Identity
  • Multi-channel Collateral
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Tone of Voice
  • User Experience

Brand activation

We deliver your brand to market and create engaging experiences no matter the audience or channel. Working across print, digital, motion and social we showcase who you are to the people who matter.

  • Social Media Management
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Web Design & Build
  • Brand Rollout
  • App Design & Build

What we do

1. Define

Through research, brand audits, interactive workshops and open conversation we dig deeper to define your brand’s values and purpose. Gaining valuable insight that will set the foundation for the creative process.

2. Create

We build your brand from the inside out, creating a future-proof and personality poised brand to lead the market. From identity design to tone of voice, we simplify and humanise your brand to connect with the right people. Creating a verbal and visual language that really represents you.

3. Activate

Equipped with your authentic brand, we develop and execute creativity across all channels aimed at attracting attention, driving growth and adding value. We observe your audience and tailor our approach to suit the format and channels that will say the right thing, at the right time and place to create immersive brand experiences.

We’re an agency that inspires confidence in creative collaboration by breaking down the barriers in the traditional client-agency relationship.