you stand out when you stand for something

The brands we choose are an extension of who we are. What they say about them, says a lot about us.

Connecting with your customers based on shared values and purpose is what makes you relevant. Your brand isn’t an after thought, it’s why you do what you do.

Brand Spark ensures your brand and its purpose are the constant thread, woven throughout your entire business, aligning your team and reinforcing every decision you make.

It’s designed to help define the most powerful marketing tool you have – your brand.

how it works

let the sparks fly

Our process is simple and solid, but always effective – connecting good strategy with damn good creative. No fuss, no jargon and without the sky high fees.

Reaching out to an agency can be daunting, having to hand over the creative controls. That’s why we want to work with you, building your brand together with total transparency and collaboration.

Getting to know your brand we can create the visual and verbal language to connect to your audience.

from competitors

A deeper PURPOSE than profit alone

Lasting CONNECTIONS with your customers

A COMPASS to guide you and your team

Brand Spark is a specially curated package for startups and small businesses with an annual turnover of less than 500k.

We’re looking for brands who want to disrupt the market with their own story.

Our team of strategists, designers and developers guide you through our 3 stage process to develop the creative core of your brand. Giving you the platform to tell your story, your way – from investors to competitors, making your mark.


brand discovery

We invite you and your team to our studio to take part in our six-part immersive brand discovery workshop. Here we delve in to your story, discover your purpose, what success looks like to you and the values you hold.


brand identity

Our designers work with you to create a new brand identity, or strengthen your existing one. We define your brand colours, typography, tone of voice and image style – providing you with the visual and verbal language to share your story.


online presence

A web search is the go-to when someone wants to find the product or service you offer. One of the first stops on a customer’s journey, it’s a first impression that counts. We’ll provide you with a website that gives you a platform to tell your brand story and make it one to remember.

Brand Spark prices start at £3999 + VAT

We offer payment plans designed to accommodate your available budget.

from a spark to a flame

Here are a few examples of our experience in defining and designing brands

need more?

We appreciate there’s no one size fits all approach, so our package can be customised with add-ons to suit your specific needs. From legal support, social media management, packaging, print production and office spare to hire, you can create a bespoke brand building package that works for your business.

Intellectual Property Search

Social Media Management

Tone Of Voice Workshop

PR & Marketing Collateral

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