Charlie Miller and TEVIOT: Working with Constant Creativity

10th May 2018 by Shauna Rafferty, Account Executive

In 2015 Charlie Miller commemorated 50 years in business. Following such a big landmark in their history, what could come next?

In September of 2017 Charlie Miller approached Teviot to look at ways of evolving the brand through the next phase of its life, by looking at their existing brand and ensuring they lost none of the legacy they have built up over the years, but also bringing something new to the table that reflects their ethos of constant creativity.

Alongside an already established and recognisable name and a strong set of values that have stood the test of time over many years, we worked closely with Josh, Jason, India, and the team to develop a flexible marque that worked alongside the existing brand. The new CM marque injects a progressive and edgier element to the brand reflecting their position in the industry as highly respected creatives.

Charlie Miller 'CM' marque and 'constant creativity' tagline

From there we worked to redevelop their online presence, planning, designing and developing an all-new mobile-friendly website, with a simpler interface ensuring visitors get to the information they are looking for as easily as possible and integrated a new booking system allowing users to book on the go directly from their mobile device.

“In our work as hairdressers, having empathy is key to successfully understanding our clients.  Teviot have shown they are exactly the same and they have it in abundance.  They just ‘get us’ and make the journey not just effective but enjoyable too”

Josh Miller, Joint Managing Director at Charlie Miller

We continue to work with Charlie Miller on a number of fronts and are excited about the prospect of sharing further news with you in the coming months.

You can see the new website at charliemiller.com

Charlie Miller website on laptop and mobile.