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3rd May 2018 by Shauna Rafferty, Account Executive

World renowned luxury furniture brand reinvigorates its online presence

Founded in 1992, Gaze Burvill is a celebrated luxury furniture brand specialising in hand crafted outdoor oak furniture and bespoke kitchens. Their vision places great value on sourcing the highest quality sustainable timber and combining the latest technology with master craftsmanship to create uniquely beautiful, comfortable and high-quality furniture. Gaze Burvill is proud that all their furniture is designed and made in Britain.

Consideration for the environment was also one of Gaze Burvill’s founding values and they make sure to minimise waste and maximise sustainability across the board.  Their Hampshire office and factory is powered by a biomass boiler, which is fueled by pellets made from compacted sawdust pellets. All their high-quality oak is sustainably sourced.

Teviot was therefore delighted to be selected after a competitive tender process to become Gaze Burvill’s digital marketing partner. Our first job was to plan, design and develop an ‘all new’ mobile-friendly website to help raise the profile of the business, increase sales and make the right people more aware of the company’s engaging story, all whilst illustrating the luxury of their brand and product collections.

We have also seamlessly integrated with Gaze Burvill’s NetSuiteCRM platform and enabled the new site for multi-lingual content and e-commerce.

“Gaze Burvill create truly unique furniture that lasts a lifetime.  We share a sense of pride in our craft and were really excited to have the opportunity to work together to create a website that does justice to the Gaze Burvill brand and help raise awareness of their beautiful products” – Nick Cole, Managing Partner, Teviot.

“Teviot have done a great job and have been really proactive and responsive to create a fantastic new website for us.  They have even helped deal with issues that were not really part of their remit, which was very welcome. I actually had a note from our NetSuite account rep commenting on my great choice of website partner!”

Tom Evans, Marketing Manager of Gaze Burvill

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Please see the new Gaze Burvill website at  https://www.gazeburvill.com