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NHS Scotland – Improving sustainable behaviour within the health service

With growing concern for the future health and wellbeing of Scotland, we created a symbol of sustainability for NHS Scotland. Building a brand, campaign and site to raise the profile of Sustainability Action and increase awareness of how little behavioural changes can massively impact Our NHS, Our People and Our Planet.

With such a broad NHS Scotland estate, we conducted several workshops to shape the identity – supporting the development of the brand name, marque, tagline and all important messaging. The result is a dynamic marque, combining characteristics of both a tick and an arrow – full of motion and energy, reflective of the urgency around sustainability while giving a sense of positivity, not normally hand-in-hand with the topic.

With an energised marque, the campaign is driven by direct, confident messaging to immediately gain and hold attention of NHS staff. Still growing and gaining traction within the organisation, Sustainability Action is fuelling the aspiration for proactive, meaningful change.

To support the campaign, we developed a stand-alone site, urging awareness and simplifying sustainability in a way that can be understood by everyone concerned. With a members only portal, NHS Scotland staff are able to consistently check-in on performance and an ever-changing latest news section, ensuring everyone can keep up to date with the latest goings-on.

NHS Scotland Sustainability Action brand marque and tagline applied to image of cyclist with blue to green gradient. Designed by Teviot
NHS Scotland Sustainability Action campaign headline 'A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action'. Designed by Teviot
NHS Scotland Sustainability Action campaign posters. Designed by Teviot
NHS Scotland Sustainability Action campaign poster and sticker on recycling bin. Designed by Teviot

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