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Sustrans Scotland – Your Way to Work

We teamed up with Sustrans Scotland, chairs of the Workplace Sustainable Transport Delivery Group, as the charity look to connect people and places through the development of routes and networks that make cycling and walking the easy, every day choice. 

Working in partnership with local communities, policy-makers and partner organisations, Sustrans is the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle. Originally approached to create a leaflet of partner offers that could be distributed to local workplaces, we immediately looked at how we could widen the reach and boost engagement – an unbin-able solution. As the partners and offers are Government funded, they can fluctuate frequently and we didn’t fancy the longevity of a print product! 

Ranging from support for travel planning and electric vehicle car clubs to practical information for HR departments, the information existed in a spreadsheet format and so was difficult to access, understand and update, resulting in lower engagement with the workplaces. 

Pretty quickly we were sketching out the plan for an interactive web tool that could house all the necessary content, create essential networks with partner organisations and just simply make the full process as easy as possible. Moving to a live website results in a flexible and future proof platform that can be updated easily as required.

Following a couple of name sessions in studio with our team and a planning session with various members of the Working Group, we rounded up all of our post-its off the wall and began to create Way to Work– a signposting website for active travel providers. With no existing brand in place, we had complete creative control, supporting the client through this branding and naming process. 

In the initial build it was a priority to create an engaging and intuitive UI, with a flexible taxonomy structure to ensure all future categorisation and associated filtering and search criteria had a solid foundation to build from. For the initial launch we created a basic search function, with a plan to develop over the next 12 months – with a view to introduce the unique tagging functionality that will allow keyword search in future, so companies can easily search for applicable content. 

As a Government funded project, we’re part of a feedback panel that monitors the progress and obtains feedback from users that can aid development even beyond launch. Anticipating the future development of the tool was essential in creating a cost effective and invaluable platform for the ongoing work of Sustrans Scotland

Way to Work (waytoworkscot.org) displayed on a MacBook with hidden menu visible.
Way to Work (waytoworkscot.org) name displayed over woman cycling with black gradient.

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